SEMINAR Participation of Enterprises in agriculture: Experiences in Vietnam and Norway


Within the framework of the project "Competing Regional Integration in Southeast Asia" (CRISEA) under the Horizon 2020 Program, funded by the European Union, the Institute of European Studies organized the scientific seminar: " Participation of Enterprises in agriculture: Experiences in Vietnam and Norway".

The seminar was attended by Dr.Arve Hansen from Oslo University;  Dr. Nguyen Anh Phong - Director of Information Center for Agriculture and Rural Development, under the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development; Dr. Do Ta Khanh - Director of EU Research Center, and Coordinator of CRISEA in Vietnam;  Researchers from Vietnam Economic Institute, Indian and Southwest Research Institute and Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy;  and other members of CRISEA project.

During the seminar, Mr. Arve Hansen submitted two reports of the success and failure of Norwegian Agriculture, in which he analysed profoundly 4 main goals and 4 main pillars in Norwegian agricultural policy. Dr.Nguyen Anh Phong offered an overview of agricultural enterprises in Vietnam, and provided data indicating the participation of enterprises in agricultural sector. He also mentioned the obstacles relevant to macro policies, land policies, capital markets, commodity markets, science and technology… for enterprises investing in this sector.

The seminar addressed issues that gained attention and discussion from all attendees, especially the lessons from Norway over the participation of enterprises in agricultural sector, and resolutions for Vietnam in order to develop the agriculture in the context of industrialization.

At the end, Dr. Do Ta Khanh summarised the contents of the seminar, and highly considered the contributions of scholars and researchers on the issues discussed in the seminar.


Phuong Dung