International scientific conference entitled “Ho Chi Minh’s career and thoughts in Vietnam and in the world” was jointly held in Moscow, Russia, on September 9th  by the Institute of Asian and African Studies of Moscow State University; the Center for Vietnam and ASEAN studies under the administration of Institute of Far Eastern Studies, the Russian Academy of Sciences; and the Faculty of Political Science, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities of Vietnam. The conference took place on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of implementing President Ho Chi Minh’s Testament.

The conference was attended by researchers, scholars from Moscow State University, Saint-Petersburg National University, Far Eastern Federal University, Russian Academy of Sciences, the representative of Vietnamese Embassy in Russia, the Institute for European Studies (Vietnam Acadamy of Social Sciences), University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Vietnam National University, Hanoi), Vietnam Academy of Journalism and Communication and so on.

The conference had three sessions: “Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts and the National liberation revolution in Vietnam”, “Ho Chi Minh as a communist international” and “The formation of new culture, morals and people”. Speeches delivered at the conference highlighted President Ho Chi Minh’s career and thoughts; Ho Chi Minh’s great contribution to the revolutionary movement in Vietnam as well as in the world; his role in Vietnam’s victory in the August Revolution; the influence of Ho Chi Minh’s thought on the construction of a law-governed state in Vietnam; his role in founding and building the state according to a new political model; and his role in founding the Communist Party of Vietnam.

The conference successfully took place. This was also an opportunity for scholars, researchers and those who have sincere affection for President Ho Chi Minh to discuss one of the outstanding cultural celebrities of the twentieth century, being recognized by UNESCO. On this occasion, the Centre for Vietnam and ASEAN studies also introduced a book on Vietnam to delegates at the conference.





Vu Thuy Trang PhD, Institute for European Studies