Seminar: “State ownership: comparison between Hungary and Vietnam”


In 3 May, 2019, the Institute for European Studies organized a seminar on “State ownership: comparison between Hungary and Vietnam”, which is under the exchange scholar program between Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences and Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 
The seminar was attended by Dr. Adam Kerenyi, Institute of World Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences; Dr. Do Ta Khanh, Director of Centre for EU Studies, Institution for European Studies; and researchers from Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences.

In the seminar, Dr. Adam Kerenyi presented his research on “State ownership and re-nationalization in Hungary”, which focuses on the policy of re-nationalization of enterprises conducted by the government in recent years. After a mass privatization in 1990s and 2000s, this ‘reverse’ policy is a specific characteristic of Hungary, comparing to other Central and Eastern European countries those are members of the European Union (EU).

Dr. Do Ta Khanh presented his preliminary results of his research on “Reform of state-owned enterprises: the case of Vietnam”, which is a part of research work under CRISEA project ( The presentation showed the brief history of state-owned enterprise reform since the early 1990s, with particular focus on the rearrangement and equitization of state-owned enterprises. Contrary to Hungary, Government of Vietnam is trying to divest its capital from state-owned enterprises with the hope that these enterprises will perform effectively and facilitate the State from the burden deriving from them.

The seminar attracted actively discussion from participants.

On behalf of the Institute for European Studies, Dr. Do Ta Khanh appreciated the presentation made by Dr. Adam Kerenyi and the discussions from participants.

According to the working plan at IES, Dr. Adam Kerenyi will have the second seminar on “Cohesion policy in Hungary”, on 8 May, 2019 (9.00 - 11.00). We would like to invite interested researchers and students from VASS and outside to attend the seminar./.

Translator: Do Ta Khanh